Don’t Waste Your Time Targeting Employees


– One of the biggest mistakes that people make when they start marketing and they start presenting what they do to the market is they imagine they’re talking to a blank slate, all right. But nobody is a blank slate. We’re, we’re really we’re a hot mess of emotions, beliefs, stories things that we believe to be true things that we don’t need to believe to be true. And by the way later in the week, we’ll be talking about this in the video, because the video isn’t just about giving people information, that’s one type of video but we also need to kind of extract the belief and plant a new belief. And that’s possible in two minutes, it’s really possible in two minutes, but that the sales professionals you can build a business, right? You can absolutely build a business. And if that’s what you want to do, go for it. All right. But just be aware when you’re dealing with a what I would call a, and this is not meant to be derogatory. It’s not derogatory at all. It’s, it’s a label and I and I’m using the label to illustrate the point to you so you can understand it. You do get more of what I would call a nine to five mentality right now, the nine to five mentality is fine if you’re prepared for it. So I’m just going to help you. I don’t, by the way, when, when I, when I give you advice this is really important to, to, to, for me to say just for all the cause I don’t mean to project upon you. I give you the advice from the best of my heart based on working with a hell of a lot of clients because what works for me when I was getting going in the business was, was people doing that? I want to encourage you to think, to process to make it your own, what didn’t work for me when I was getting going was what do you think the answer is Mark? I really don’t know if I knew what the answer was. I, I tell you and that has a place when it comes to beliefs and coaching, right. But right now we’re talking about the realistic realism of the market, right? So they tend to, it’s harder to invest in oneself, right? It’s harder to get people to invest in oneself when they have a nine to five mentality. I’m not saying it’s impossible. I’m just saying there’s a little bit more of a belief. We have to jump. I can see Jim Northern. Has anyone else experienced this? Yeah. Lots of people nodding. Right? My first business was the nine to five escape tribe. Right? And the issue with our offer was I got loads of people on the phone because I was helping them escape nine to five. I’ve got tons of people on the phone but nobody moved forward because when it actually came to putting the money down and investing with oneself, it was difficult. And here is the key takeaway, right? Long-term well, generally speaking and long-term people would not consistently behave in a way that is inconsistent with their beliefs. Let me repeat. People will not no matter what they say, because it’s important. The action versus what we say people will not inconsistently behave in a way that is inconsistent with their beliefs. And we’ve got to understand the market. That tends to be a broad there tends to be a broad mentality where they will not invest, and so, lets someone else do the work.

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