How To Quickly Get Out of A B2B Sales Slump

by | Dec 16, 2021

Are you experiencing a sales slump? Odds are that every business owner will do, especially B2B

And especially at this time of year when everyone is distracted with the season

Here is how to get out of it…

A sales slump is when the close rate goes down, you have ideal clients but nobody says yes, no matter what you do

The worst one I had was Xmas 2018, I went 6 weeks without a client and had to borrow money to get my son the tricycle he wanted

I managed to break it soon after I did the following

1. Realize sales is simply energy transference and the moment you start wanting the sale, people start running

2. Take 48 hours without tech, yes, totally, no social media

3. Go to the cinema or go to a new place you have never visited – this brings new feelings and energy

4. Exercise and get out in the open

5. Once the 48 hours is done, print every single client win, and watch every single client testimonial

6. Change physiology for the sales call, if you normally sit-stand, or vice versa

7. set a reminder in your calendar – 5 times a day – with text – sales is fun, sales is awesome, sales is meeting new people – you need to reprogram your relationship with sales calls and this does not happen without reinforcement

8. The breaks and realignment of focus should kick in – go do them calls 🙂

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