My name is Mark Firth and I was born in Nottingham, England, 15th April 1981


I founded the Linkedpreneurs because I wanted to help other business owners to make more money, time & freedom using LinkedIn.

Since 2017, we have helped thousands of business owners to consistently book qualified calls on LinkedIn using our personal connection system.  Based around human to human connection.


But it hasn’t always been like that…

I spent a large portion of my life working corporate.

That green arrow actually points to the exact window I had that’s on the corner of London bridge in the city of London. I’d gone to corporate because I wanted to make impact. I wanted to make money and I just wanted to get to the point where I felt that my life was actually contributing something.

But I didn’t enjoy it, I needed some time out

​I decided I wanted a long extended break. Spoke to a few people. I wanted it to be warm. I wanted it to be cheap so I could spend some time there. And lots of people said Colombia.  


So I went there and not only did I go there, I enjoyed it, and I started to relax. I even got a girlfriend and that got serious.


Then my girlfriend tells me ‘we’re going to have a baby’

Then one day Paola came into the apartment where I was living at the time and she blurts out, we’re going to have a baby. I was like, what? What? And at that time I didn’t really have many options. I was there on a visitor visa. My Spanish wasn’t great and the English jobs paid nothing. I had no idea what I was going to do. If I, if I wanted to stay in Columbia and see son going home, it was not an option.

I went Back to LinkedIn

I discovered I could stay in Colombia, see my son and be happy if I could start a business online.  I remembered that when worked in corporate I used LinkedIn to prospect and book qualified calls.  I always used a personalized approach based on ‘human to human’ connection and I was sure I could make it work again from Colombia 

It worked and I started teaching others

The Linkedpreneurs were born and we have now helped thousands of people to find success and change their life through LinkedIn. And I was making the impact, money and finding the freedom I could never see in corporate.

But it’s about more than the money..

Using this personalized approach led to life, changing results and while making the money and creating the impact was great. Personally,. I’m driven by something much deeper family. Here we are. I was eventually able to stay in Columbia. I was able to marry Paola, not only as Sam grown up. You can see them in the image on the left see in the top right some weird Fox costume. We’ve got Sienna in the bottom right. My daughter, I was able to stay in Columbia, Mary Powell and have a second child. With that said, let’s go into the second part of the process.

Our Mission

That’s why the mission of the Linkedprenuers is to help Solopreneurs consistently book qualified calls that become clients.  So that they have more time, money & freedom to make an impact and change their life.

We believe the professional training around LinkedIn is not providing what business owners need in order to get results. 


We believe Lead generation is about building a life you can be proud of and a legacy that lasts,  tt is NOT about an automated message sequences that destroys your brand and authority 


if you’d like me to speak to me about how we can work together, then you can submit a request to do that here.


I look forward to helping you change your life with LinkedIn, just like I did